Monday, 24 May 2010

Transit Van Tops Most Stolen List

The humble white Transit van has topped the list of most stolen vehicles for the second year in a row according to the Association of Chief Police Officers Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS). It is thought that the Transit is most likely to go missing due to its potential contents.

“The rise in thefts of vans demonstrates their potential value in terms of spare parts, scrap metal and the prospect of stealing extra ‘booty’ within the contents of the van. Often, these stolen vehicles are dismantled quickly, so our advice to vehicle owners is to ensure that their security is as tight as possible.” - Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hooper."

The only other van to feature on the list was the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter which shows that commercial vehicles require tough security features. Commercial vans are like kinder eggs to thieves hence the prevalence of sticks stating 'no tools are left in this vehicle overnight' etc.

The list in full:
1. Ford Transit
2. Ford Fiesta
3. Vauxhall Astra
4. Volkswagen Golf
5. Vauxhall Corsa
6. Ford Focus
7. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
8. Ford Mondeo
9. Ford Escort
10. Vauxhall Vectra

So if you drive a commercial van remember to make sure your van is secure at all times. Empty the contents whenever possible and don't advertise to thieves by leaving the doors open unnecessarily. When looking at vans for sale consider the security measures in place to prevent your van from becoming a statistic.

Minivans In Japan

Wow, the Japanese seem to love their minivans!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Van Art by Kevin Cyr

These painting by Kevin Cyr reminded of of the series of photos which I wrote about here last week. Like Joe Steven's Vans and the Places They Were, the paintings feature lots of classic American vans documented side-on. The vans, which were from Brooklyn, New York, are all heavily graffitied and most are in a state of disrepair with rust visible around their edges.

Kevin Cyr painted the vans in a simple style which gives them the look of miniatures or zoological studies. Their plain, single colour backgrounds show them divorced from reality although their customized paint schemes show that they are anything but.

Cyr seems to have a preoccupation with vehicles - his other work includes paintings of lorries and campervans. He even creates die-cast miniature vans with an amazing eye for detail. Cyr says that he sees beauty in vans which to others may look unkempt:

In a culture in which people are easily lured by the appeal of status-enhancing symbols, I find beauty in derelict cars and unkempt landscapes. I have always been interested in painting vehicles and scenes that have defined the evolution of the American landscape.

Cyr has exhibited around the world and his work has been featured in numerous magazines. He has paintings of vans for sale with who specialize in affordable art in editions of 200. See more of his work at his site

Van Racing Video

Our video of the week features some classy Banger Van racing in the sea-side resort of Skegness. This proves that we also have rednecks here in the UK!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The EU Considers Manditory Speed Limiters for all Vans

A recently leaked draft report indicates that the EU is considering making speed limiters mandatory for all vans and light trucks in Europe in order to reduce emissions. The report, which found its way to Reuters details a possible 120km per hour(74.6mph)limit.

The report is part of a larger dialogue on the practicalities of introducing mandatory fuel efficiency standards for all vans for sale. This comes two years after the introduction of such standards for new cars. the report is expected to recommend reducing emissions to 150 grams of carbon dioxide per km by 2020 despite the European Commission recommending a limit of 135g.

The proposed changes have received some criticism here in the UK despite a national speed limit of 70 mph. The EU report states:

"These vehicles are almost exclusively used for commercial purposes and do not need to exceed 120 km per hour. The technology is available to do this; it is a cheap and effective way of immediately lowering emissions and many commercial organisations retro-fit them to their vehicles."

British politician Chris Davies believes that limiting the speed of vans is a good idea but doesn't go far enough: ""Vans are a tool for business and commerce, and we should be trying to reduce the costs for business," he said. "If we don't do better, we will leave business less efficient."

Vans And The Places Where They Were

Vans and the places they were is an art project by the photographer Joe Stevens which features beautiful photos of some classic vans. The photos are all shot on medium format 120 film giving the images a warm often lacking from digital prints. Stevens began the project in 1996 and plans to finish it by shooting "the last remaining van on the final frame of photographic film in existence."

For more information and to see all the images visit Joe Steven's page at Arlo artists.