Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Electric vans..a viable alternative?

The Guardian as an interesting article about a new wave of electric vans aimed at the commercial market:

"Range is an issue for our customers," explains George Smith, brand manager for Harris Van Centre who, after years of selling conventional trucks and vans, is convinced electric is the future. "But not as big an issue as you might think. When we first spoke to UPS about using electric vans on their courier routes in London, they looked at their mileage and worked out that the average distance travelled in the capital was 14 miles per day." Most commercial electric vehicles can cover about 100 miles on one six-hour charge.

Whilst this is an interesting idea I don't think many companies could make use of a van with such a limited range. There are clearly exceptions (such as local deleviery companies) but it is a shame that electric vans cannot yet compete with their traditional counterparts.

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