Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Volkswagen Lauches Free iPhone App

Volkswagen clearly understand the appeal of the iPhone app, they have just released their 4th game to the App store. The latest game has been launched to promote the new Polo BlueMotion so it isn't your typical driving game. The Volkswagen Think Blue Challenge surprisingly has nothing at all to do with Avatar...

The new Polo is part of VW's BlueMotion range which aim to be highly fuel efficient in order to be more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. This explains why the aim of the new game is to drive as fuel efficiently as possible. It might not sound terribly exciting but it is at least different, there are hundreds of driving games and as far as I know only one focuses on fuel efficiency.

"Fishlabs [who designed the game] has implemented the concept of fuel economy not only creatively, but also in an entertaining fashion, it shows that fuel economy can also be virtual fun." - Cornelia Lenz of Volkswagen.

As mentioned earlier, this is the 4th game VW have created although they have yet to create a game featuring their vans. I would like to see a game which allowed you to customize a classic old split screen van or at least something showing all of their vans for sale. Then again maybe I'm just a van nerd!

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