Thursday, 1 April 2010

Duck Survives Journey from Belgium to England in Van Grille

This story might seem like an April Fools joke but I think that it is genuine, the Telegraph have done their ridiculous joke article elsewhere. Apparently a couple of guys were driving through Belgium in their white van when the struck a duck. The driver Paul Murphy, from Leeds took a look at the damage and discovered a hole in his radiator grille. He assumed that the duck had flown off (although perhaps not in the direction he was hoping) and thought no more about it.

500 miles later Paul stopped at a service station on the M1 to further inspect the damage and was surprised to see the body of the duck inside the grille. Assuming the duck was as dead as a dead duck he used a screwdriver to open up the grille and get the body out. Just when he was about to go and buy some plum sauce he noticed that the duck was actually breathing.

"All of a sudden I saw this green head behind the radiator. I couldn't believe it. My first thought was 'Oh dear, it's dead, what am I going to do here?' because it wasn't moving. When its feathers moved I put it down to the wind, but then I saw it was breathing. I couldn't believe it."

Plucky, as he was later named, only suffered from a broken wing and a bleeding beak. He is now recovering at the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals hospital in Leeds. Let this be a lesson to you - next time you hire a van in London make sure it doesn't have a Belgian duck wedged in it anywhere.

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