Thursday, 12 August 2010

Monitor Your Fleet with Smart Cameras

Each UK citizen is caught on CCTV camera around 300 times on an average day. Cameras cover much of our road network and you aren't hidden from view in your van (so stop picking your nose at traffic lights). There are still some areas where your actions go unrecorded however and chances are if you have an accident it will be in one of these blind spots.

Many fleets already using tracking software to keep tracks on where their vans have been but is this enough? What happens if you have a crash and the blame is unfairly attributed to you? Smart Witness sell vehicle CCTV systems which can record the movements of your fleet at all times.

The camera is backed up by an on-board GPS system which records the vehicle's location as well as the speed and direction of travel. The video below shows the results, note the speed and location in yellow text at the bottom of the image.

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