Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Volkswagen Provides British Gas with a New Fleet

British Gas have begun the process of replacing their fleet of 10,000 vehicles with the help of Volkswagen vans. VW have so far provided 2,000 vans to the energy supplier including Caddy, Crafter and Transporter Shuttle models in a rather fetching shade of blue as shown below.

“Our on-going strategic relationship with Volkswagen is very important to our business. It enables us to provide our engineers with safe and reliable vehicles, which meet highest quality standards and offer excellent value in terms of whole life costs."
-Colin Marriott, General Manager for British Gas fleet

The vehicles Volkswagen are supplying are not the normal vans for sale. For improved safety the vans are fitted with speed limiters and racking to help control any load if the vehicle has to brake heavily. In addition, the new livery includes high visibility chevrons on the rear doors. Externally, the vans still feature the iconic British Gas flame, but the new livery is also designed to have more space to communicate information and features to keep customers, and potential customers, informed.

The replacement of their existing fleet is part of British Gas’ modernization plans. The new vans feature the pale blue that British Gas now use in their branding, replacing the dark blue many associate with the brand.

“We are pleased to see that the quality, durability and cost effective running costs of Volkswagen vans have passed the formidable British Gas acceptance criteria, and above all, proud to have our vans delivering such great service to British Gas and its customers.”
-Simon Elliott, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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