Friday, 15 October 2010

Van News Roundup

Here are some Van and Commercial Vehicle related stories from around the internet this week:

30 Van's I'd Be Tempted to Get Into

30 Vans with crazy paint jobs including the Scooby Doo themed one below.

Mobil 1 Announces Britain's Best and Worst Roads.

"“The Mobil 1 Mission was a grueling test, travelling a long distance across a variety of terrain. But there were some real adrenaline-fuelled highlights. I experienced some phenomenal drives through scenery I didn’t even realise we had in this country.”"

Tyre safety campaign receives Highways Agency backing

"Organised by TyreSafe, tyre safety month will educate drivers about the importance and simplicity of checking tyre tread depth. With the Highways Agency’s endorsement, campaign materials will be distributed across the UK"

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