Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Hardest VW Restoration Ever

Volkswagen's camper vans have achieved iconic status and vintage models are loved by owners all around the world. Not many other vans can boast such devotion from their drivers who spend hours renovating and discussing their vehicles.

Norwegian VW fan Morten Lund is perhaps more dedicated than most. When he learned that a 1957 Samba had been pushed into a lake in 1974 he set to work tracking it down. Lund hired a remote-controlled submersible which he used to locate the vehicle which was at the bottom of the 15 meter deep lake. He then hired a team of divers and a crane in order to lift out the rare model.

"It took me less than 30 minutes to get both front wheels rolling, and the steering works perfectly... The cargo floor and cab are nearly rust free – just some minor holes around the edges."

If Mr Lund manages to fully restore then van he will have a very valuable vehicle on his hands. Samba's have sold for as much as £56,000 which is a lot for used vans. The model is recognizable by its 8 roof-light windows.

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