Monday, 7 December 2009

White Van Man Will Go Green, When The Price Is Right

With the Copenhagen Climate change conference opening today it seems like a good time to talk about the future of the commercial vehicles industry. The white van of the future clearly needs to be green. This is obviously problematic as most individuals and small businesses are hesitant to upgrade their fleets during a recession, another problem is that environmental friendly vans have yet to be perfected.

A recent survey by Swinton Insurance has shown that White Van men (and women) are keen to use more environmentally friendly vans and fuel but, as Bruce would say, the price needs to be right. Of those questioned 73% would consider buying a more energy efficient vehicle as they're next purchase and 87% would turn to more environmentally friendly fuel if doing so were cost effective.

Those with van fleets and those looking at vans for sale were happy to consider Bio Fuel, More fuel-efficient engines and Low CO2 emitting engines. They were however concerned about cost with 64% considering it the most important factor. The popularity (in a sense) of congestion zones and fines for less environmentally friendly vans may lead to green vans being the most cost effective choice.

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